Four modular kitchen systems - A150, B150, A100 + B100 - exclusively designed in the UK by asselle ®. Each of our kitchen design systems has been developed to provide a versatile and functional solution for any contemporary home.


+ streamlined and contemporary effect. Entirely handleless system.

+ 150mm plinth height - Designed to suit properties with traditional skirting dimensions.

+ door options include 45 degree sloped or slab doors to base units.


+ best selling flexible system.

+ 150mm plinth height - Designed to suit properties with traditional skirting dimensions.

+ affordable value.

+ a range of door options available, with or without handles.



+  entirely handleless, minimalist kitchen system

+  striking contemporary effect

+100mm plinth height - Designed to complement properties with new build skirting dimensions

+  functionally maximises cabinet storage space available

+ option of 45 degree sloped doors or slab doors on base units

+ bespoke door styles and finishes available

+ flexible and customisable system

+ 100mm plinth height - Best suited to fit with new build skirting dimensions

+ available with an adaptable and customisable range of handle and handleless door and finish options

+ efficiently maximises storage space available within cabinets


Our wardrobes, designed and produced in London by asselle®, are available as shown in our best-selling finishes or can be creatively customised to meet your design requirements, subject to a design review with our friendly team.  Our wardrobe systems are manufactured with high quality materials and attention to detail in order to provide a robust and enduring storage solution. Wardrobes are available as hinged, sliding, co-planar or walk-in systems. Bespoke modules and sizing can be accommodated to special order.


Our asselle ® hinged wardrobes are available in a range of lacquer and MFC door finish options.  Hinged wardrobes are a versatile and simple solution to maximise both storage space requirements and internal visibility. 

Our hinged wardrobes can be designed to meet any spatial requirements with combinations of width modules of 450mm or 600mm. 


A co-planar wardrobe incorporates an innovative sliding door mechanism which allows for the wardrobe doors to align flush when closed.  This provides a spatially efficient and elegant storage solution.  


Our sliding wardrobes are available to the following widths; 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2400mm, 3000mm, 3600mm.


Sliding wardrobes are particularly suitable where there is a requirement to maximize living space and storage capacity.  Our sliding wardrobes are also desirable due to their streamlined appearance and smooth functionality.  

Our sliding wardrobes are typically available in the following width modules: 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2400mm.


Our walk-in wardrobe systems can be adapted to make effective use of any additional or redundant space for open storage.